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Canadian Bank Transfer for RS Gold

Hey there, Are you a Canadian person, or someone with a Canadian bank account, who is looking to buy Runescape Gold? Many websites, including our own, often have limits for the amount you can buy with Paypal or using a Credit Card. But did you know, we have absolutely no buying limit for customers using Interac eTransfer (which is the same as Canadian bank transfer).

All you need to do to buy OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold on our website is access to your online banking. To buy with interac etransfer on our website, first you’ll navigate to the product page that interests you. Then just add the amount of gold you want to your cart, and proceed to checkout. On the checkout page, you’ll see a option for Interac eTransfer under payment methods. Simply choose this payment method and proceed to checkout, and you will be given all the information needed to pay for the order and receive your gold quickly.

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The image above shows how to select Interac eTransfer at the checkout page on

TF2 keys, CSGO keys too?

You can indeed buy TF2 Keys and CSGO keys on our site using interac etransfer. The procees is exactly the same as buying Runescape Gold. For more information on buying TF2 Keys, click here.

Other Canadian Pay Methods

Update 2019: You can now also purchase with Amazon Pay, using your Amazon account.  Another great option for Canadian customers who are using Credit or Debit.

Canadians have plenty of options on our website. Of course, the most popular payment method for all countries is simply using Paypal or Credit and Debit Card. However, you can also pay using Skrill, which is similar to Paypal but more secure. To buy with Skrill, please select G2APay at checkout and it will forward you to Skrill. This payment method works well if you want to use your Credit Card. If you are paying with Debit or Bank Account, it’s much easier to use Interac etransfer as described above.

R2Pleasent Gold is a Canadian Company!

In case you didn’t know, our company is registered in Ontario, Canada. This means we are the best Runescape Gold Site for Canadian buyers. We understand how the systems work in our country, and it allows us to give you the smoothest experience possible on our website. Stop using sketchy Chinese Gold sites and start buying in Canada! Our prices are better anyways!

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