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How to Buy OSRS Gold on

Good news.  We've just launched a new explainer video which shows you the complete process of how to buy OSRS Gold on our website,  The video shows you the full purchase process, from nagivating to our website, through selecting the product, adding it the cart, completing the checkout processing, and payment. 

As our repeat customers know, once the payment is completed, you are automatically sent back to our website, and you are placed into a Live Support chat.  In this chat you'll arrange delivery with the Live Chat agent online (don't worry, there's always an agent online, we run 24/7).

This infographic below summarizes the process quite well:

How to Buy OSRS Gold on R2Pleasent

OSRS Gold Stock

It's not explicitly mentioned in the video, but the stock is shown on the OSRS Gold product page.  Keep in mind we aim to be in stock with at least 1 Billion  Gold at all times.  It's worth checking the page to see our stock, but if it displays an amount lower than what you want to buy, please contact our Live Support and check to see if they can provide your order.  They usually have other suppliers available, so don't be discouraged if the website stock is low.


Buy OSRS Gold - Explainer Video

Below is the YouTube clip showing the walk-through for buying OSRS Gold on our site.  If you like this format and want to see more explainer videos, then let us know on our Live Chat or on our Contact page.  Feel free to drop a comment on YouTube as well.


Good Luck!

OSRS Gold comes and goes, but the enjoyment is in the journey.  Hope you're all having fun being a little richer than usual.  Until next time!


- R2Pleasent

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted a year ago

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