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We have great news for you RSPS players.  R2Pleasent Gold is now stocking popular Runescape Private Server Gold.  We know how difficult it is to find a reliable place to buy RSPS Gold.  We can confidently say that search is over.  You can find it all here, in one place, at great prices, and with the professional service you have grown to trust and love.

What RSPS Do we Sell?

You can purchase gold for a variety of Runescape Private Servers on our website.  We stock the following games:

  • IKOV Private Server Gold (100M, 1 Billion) - Delivered in Shards

  • Roat PKz PK Points (Roatz PKP) - Delivered in 1K Units

  • SpawnPK Billions (SPK Bags) - 10 Bags is 1 Billion

  • SoulPlay Gold - Billions (Bags) - 1 Bag = 2 Billion

  • RuneWild Gold

Looking for another RSPS that we do not have listed?  Let us know on chat and we'll see if we can make it available to you.  We're always looking to improve our product offerings.


If you want to buy IKOV Gold, you are in the right place.  Simply head over to our RSPS Gold page and you'll see what we have in stock.  IKOV Gold is sold in 100M or 1 Billion Units.  IKOV is definitely our most popular RSPS product.  It is widely regarded as the most popular RS Private Server.  

We keep your IKOV account safe.  Our transfers are guaranteed the safest way to buy IKOV gold (aside from directly from IKOV).  We promise to keep your information private and do our best to ensure your account remains in good standing following a purchase.  R2Pleasent Gold is your #1 destination to buy Ikov RSPS Gold!

Roat PKz Gold

Roat PKz is a popular RSPS that has a currency called PK Points.  These are difficult to obtain in game, but give you access to high level game content.  Players can purchase Roatz PKP on our website's RSPS Gold page.  We suggest buying 100K+, although we sell in 1K units.  Roatz is a very long lasting Private Server.

SpawnPK Gold

SpawnPK is another long lasting RSPS which was created many years ago.  We stock up to 1 Trillion SPK Gold at a time, and therefore can supply nearly any order size.  If you want to buy SpawnPK Gold on our website, simply check out what we have available on our RSPS Gold page.  We sell SpawnPK in 1 Billion Units.  We recommend buying 100B+.

SoulPlay Gold

SoulPlay is another one of those long lasting RSPS.  You can use Soulplay gold to purchase any items in the game.  We sell SP Gold in 1 Billion Units, and we normally keep 10-20B in stock.  If you need more than this, please inform us on chat and we'll see if we can make it happen.  Either way, our SoulPlay Gold is ready to sell now on our RSPS Gold Page.  Check it out!

How to Buy RSPS Gold

Buying is easy!  Just select the item and quantity you wish to buy, then add to your cart.  After you are satisfied with your cart, simply proceed to checkout and complete your order.  Input your InGame name so we know who to deliver the order to.  Choose your payment method and complete your payment.

After paying, you will be automatically redirected to our Live Support.  It is 24/7 with a real agent online at all times.  Simply give the agent your order information and they will tell you where to go to receive your RSPS Gold.  It's really that simple.  We try to have the entire process finished, start to finish, in under 10 minutes!

Want to Sell RSPS Gold Instead?

You can sell your RSPS on our RSPS Gold Sell Page.  Check it out here.  We can pay via OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold, PayPal, Bitcoin, Interac, and more!


  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 2 years ago

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