How to Get FREE Runescape Gold (RS3 and OSRS)

Get Free Runescape Gold

Are you looking for ways to earn extra Runescape Gold?  Whether you play Old School RS (OSRS) or Runescape 3 (RS3), R2Pleasent Gold has some amazing ways for you to earn free gold.

Come see the many ways you can earn free Runescape Gold below.  

Free RS Gold Method 1: Transferwise

Offer: Free 20M OSRS Gold // 100M RS3 Gold

Transferwise is an amazing new way to send money across borders, in many different currencies.  The service has saved our business thousands of dollars in conversion fees.  It is also great for just sending money between your own bank accounts.  The Transferwise Borderless account even gives you local banking details for Europe, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and more.

If you travel, or ever send bank wires / payments to people in other countries, you absolutely NEED a Transferwise account.  They are the best in the business, hands down.  Their amazing conversion rates and fast, easy to use online money transfers will save you money.

Even better, when you sign up using our link here, and make a payment over 250 USD on their platform, we will give you 20M OSRS Gold, or 100M RS3 Gold, absolutely free!  Just come to our Live Chat and let us know your Transferwise account so we can verify that you signed up under our link.  When you sign up using our link (here), you'll also get 3 free transfers on Transferwise.  It's a win-win situation!

Transferwise is also a great way to get paid on our website for selling RS Gold, and for buying big amounts.  We highly recommend it!

Summary: Sign Up To Transferwise with our link, get free Runescape gold!

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Free RS Gold Method 2: CashApp

cashapp free rs gold

Offer: Free $5 + 5M OSRS Gold // 20M RS3 Gold

Want to make an easy free 5M OSRS GP?  Sign up with our referral code to CashApp, a revolutionary new money transfer application by Square.  

Click Here

You'll get $5 free by signing up, which you can use directly on our website.  Or you can use it for a rainy day.  On top of that, you get another 5M OSRS GP, or 20M RS3 GP, free after signing up from R2Pleasent Gold.  We will gladly meet you ingame after you sign up and use CashApp for the first time with our referral code.  Just give us your CashApp account name so that we can verify you have signed up and used the service.

CashApp orders on our website also have 0% payment fees, and require no outside verification.  It's definitely one of the easiest ways to purchase RSGP on our site.  So sign up with the code above, get free RS Gold, and save yourself time!

Summary: Sign Up To CashApp with our link, get free Runescape gold!

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Free RS Gold Method 3: YouTube Video

youtube video for free rsgp

Offer: 25M OSRS Gold / 100M RS3 Gold per 1000 Views

Are you good at making videos on YouTube?  Are you new to video creation, but want to give it a shot?  This is a great way to earn some free Runescape gold.  Simply create a YouTube video about our website (  You can show how the ordering process works on the website, do an order on video, showcase the website however you'd like (make it positive, please!)

We'll pay you kindly for your efforts.  For every 1K views, we'll give you a free 25M OSRS Gold or 100M RS3 Gold.  This is valid for videos posted after October 2019.  Please contact us on Live Chat to let us know about your video, and we'll make sure to pay you for your efforts once you reach certain milestones. 

This is the gift that keeps on giving.  You can keep coming back and collecting for new milestones once you reach the next 1K+ views.  So you can earn free gold forever just by making a YouTube video about our website.  

Summary: Make a Video, or multiple Videos, about, and get free Runescape Gold!

Free Runescape Gold is Easier than Ever with

We have tons of ways for you to earn free Runescape Gold.  If you have any questions about our free gold program, let us know on our 24/7 Live Support.  We are here to help throughout all hours of the day.   You can get free Runescape gold for RS3 or OSRS, whichever game you prefer.  So come on down and check us out, and start earning free stuff today!

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 2 years ago

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