The Ultimate Guide to Sell OSRS Gold for Cash

The Ultimate Guide to Sell OSRS Gold

You are here because you want to sell your OSRS Gold, and get paid real money.  Or you are just curious about how the process works.  This guide will go into detail and explain how you sell OSRS Gold safely, and secure the best payout possible for your hard-earned RSGP.

Selling to Gold Sites Vs. Individuals

The first decision you're going to make is to decide whether you sell your OSRS Gold to an established gold site, or to an individual.  This is where most newbies make their biggest mistake.  Trading with individuals is very high risk.  Much higher risk than most people realize.  The unfortunate truth is that, there are tons of people trying to scam OSRS Gold on the internet.  Some of them seem to think it's not so bad since it's not technically real money.

Whatever the reason, these scammers are most often but not always individuals.  Some of the scammers' favorite places are sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, or other classified networks.  The people on these websites are incredibly untrustworthy.  We actually wrote a guide explaining why you should never buy or sell OSRS Gold on Craigslist.  One of the main reasons is because you cannot see reliable information on the other party, so you have no idea who they really are.

Other forums like are certainly better for selling RS Gold.  You will be able to see some of their previous trades, and get an idea of their reputation from the forum.  However, if you aren't experienced with trading on these forums, you are still taking a big risk.  You could get scammed through a variety of methods:

  • Imposter Scams (Look-a-like Discords, Skype Names, etc.)

  • Man in the Middle Scams (highly advanced scams where the scammer imposters both buyer and seller, very hard to prevent)

  • Exit Scams (when a user builds a reputation just to scam a big amount before exiting and being banned)

  • And more...

So unless you are experienced doing these types of trades, and know how to properly verify you are trading the right person, you are once again taking a huge risk.

So WHY do People Trade Individuals Instead of Gold Sites?

The answer to that question is prices.  Individuals know that you will usually choose to sell to a gold site, if both prices are the same.  So, they will try to make a better offer.  The higher the offer, the more likely they are scamming.  The reality is that RS Gold prices are pretty firm, and reputable individuals have little reason to offer you much more than established sites.  Of course, a potential scammer can really offer any price they want, because they will not actually pay for it. 

Don't risk losing 100% of your gold to get 5-10% higher prices.  The right choice is to sell to an established OSRS Gold site.

Fake OSRS Gold Sites

Unfortunately, there have been some websites popping up which are scams.  One of them we've seen a lot of people get scammed by lately is  Now, if you do your research, you'll find it's clear on their Trustpilot here.  Every site will get a few 1 star reviews, but you'll notice all of their 1 star reviews are specifically about being scammed.

Take a look at the 1 star reviews for our website on Trustpilot here.  You'll notice most of the 1 star reviews are complaining about our actual processes.  For example, we request proof of identity for some buyers, using higher risk payment methods.  Obviously, this annoys some people (but we have no choice but to ask for it).  

R2Pleasent Trustpilot

You'll also notice our site has 1% 1-star reviews.  Runescape07gold has 30% 1-star reviews.  There is no exact science to this, but the general point is that you need to do some research.  Just because people have a website does not make them trustworthy.  The website should have a public presence on sites like, Trustpilot, and across the web.  If it doesn't, then just move on.  Like we said before, don't risk 100% of your stack for 5-10% increase in price.

How to Sell OSRS Gold to a Gold Site

The process to sell OSRS gold is very simple.  First, you need to decide how much gold you want to sell.  Then you want to decide which payment method you need, and which currency.  For example, if you are in the United States, you might want USD via Paypal.

Do keep in mind that there are some new payment methods available for selling gold, which are much more efficient than the most popular ones like Paypal.  For Americans, you can get paid through Zelle or CashApp, which have 0% fees and are instantly available for you to spend in your bank.  We often suggest these instead of PayPal.

Regardless, it's up to you how you get paid.  So once you make up your mind, you want to contact the website to get a quote.  You can also use the Sell Gold form which is available on most GP sites.  On, it's found here.

You'll fill out the amount of gold, choose your payment method, and Request a Quote for your OSRS Gold:

After you press the Request a Quote button, you'll automatically generate a Live Support with your Quote details.  A live support agent will answer the chat and offer you a price.  You're free to negotiate on price, but don't expect it to move very much.  Especially if it's a smaller amount.  Keep in mind, some payment methods which are available to you are not displayed from the list.  If you want something that isn't displayed, just ask on Live Chat.

I Accepted the Quote to Sell my OSRS Gold

Okay, great.  Now that you have worked out a deal with the Live Chat agent, don't go anywhere.  You will coordinate the in-game trade through the same Chat.  Don't worry though, if you are disconnected, you'll still be able to reconnect later on and pick up where you left off.  Our Live Chat software maintains a record of all conversations, and it follows your user profile even if you sign in as a guest, provided you are using the same device.  If you change devices, just let the Live Support agent know, so they can retrieve your previous chat.

When you meet ingame to sell your OSRS Gold for real money, just follow the Live Chat's instruction.  Make sure you are trading with the right character.  Confirm on Live Support once you are the second accept screen.  It's always good to be extra careful.  After all, this is your money at stake!

Once the trade is complete in-game, Live Support will confirm your payment details and commence the payment.  For some payment methods, there may be a wait time in order to receive the payment.  For PayPal, it should always be instant.

That's All There is to Know!

If you followed this guide, you should have learned why it's almost always better to sell your OSRS Gold to a website instead of an individual.  You also learned some tricks on how to research and see if a website is legitimate.  Remember that Google is your friend.  Scammers will always try to rush you, and will offer higher prices.  You can not be too careful.  Any legitimate gold site is not going to have a problem with you taking your time!

Hopefully this makes your OSRS Gold trading easier and less stressful.  If we missed anything on this article, just let us know on our Live Chat.  Thanks for reading!


  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted a year ago

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