Announcing GrindSwap - OSRS Accounts & Services

OSRS Accounts & Services Website

R2Pleasent Gold is excited to announce the launch of our new OSRS Accounts & OSRS Services website:  We realized that the accounts market has room for big improvement, and we think you're going to find that with GrindSwap.  This website is purely focused on getting you a high quality Old School RS Account & Service.

What Types of OSRS Accounts are for Sale?

We have a wide variety of OSRS Accounts on Grindswap, and we are always adding new builds that our customers are looking for.  You'll need to check the website for a full list, but the general categories we carry are:

  • Max Mains (with or without Range)

  • Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) and Ironman Starter Accounts

    • 99 FM, 80 Agil mostly (let us know if you want another build

  • Pures

    • 1 Def, Zerkers, etc.

  • Barrows Gloves and Dragon Slayer 2 Accounts

    • We also offer training for these quests from scratch (you can create the account)

  • Main Accounts (accounts with no specific build style)

As you can see there's plenty to choose from, and other accounts outside those criteria.  We provide a No-Recovery-Guarantee on all accounts we sell, so you can buy with full confidence.  GrindSwap never buys accounts from random players (this is the main problem in the industry).  All our accounts are trained professionally in-house and are done 100% by hand.  This ensures you have a long lasting and positive buying experience.

What OSRS Services Do you Offer?

Aside from accounts, GrindSwap also offers a wide array of OSRS Services.  These include Powerleveling (training, Questing, Firecapes, Infernal Capes, and more.  For full details check out the OSRS Services page here.  As usual, all orders are done by hand in-house, never outsourced to random people.  This makes the experience easy, and dare we say it... pleasent.

How Can I Trust You?

You should check out our Trustpilot page for R2Pleasent.  We are the most experienced website in the RS Gold industry.  We were established way back in February, 2007.  Over 13 years ago!  It's hard to imagine anyone coming close to matching our experience.  They'd probably need a time machine!

How Do we Order?

To order on, just proceed through the regular checkout process.  Most customers use PayPal to pay for their order.  However, thanks to our extensive payment network at, Grindswap also accepts CashApp, Zelle, RS Gold, and other P2P payments that you won't find on the traditional larger scale sites.



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