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Buy CSGO Keys & CSGO Skins via CashApp and Zelle is excited to announce support for two popualr new p2p payment methods in the USA: CashApp and Zelle.  These are very efficient ways to pay for CSGO order, whether you are buying CSGO Skins or CSGO Keys.  Here's the advantages to using CashApp and Zelle:

  • Zero transaction fees

  • Instant payments

  • Pay with your Bank Account (Zelle), Debit Card (CashApp), Balance (CashApp)

  • High Purchase Limits

$5 Free with New CashApp Signup

Looking for a little extra?  If you don't already have a CashApp account, you can sign up now with our referral link and get $5 free (once you make a transfer in-app).  Just click our CashApp Signup link here and you'll be eligible for the free money.  Use it towards your CSGO Keys and CSGO Skins orders on R2Pleasent!

How Do I Buy CSGO Keys with Zelle or CashApp?

We do our CSGO trades slightly differently from other sites.  We sell all CSGO Keys at the same price.  However, we only stock the best quality keys: Huntsman Keys, Vanguard Keys, Chroma, Breakout, etc.

We never sell Revolver Keys, Hydra Keys, Esports Keys, Vanilla Keys, and other lower valued keys.  We only list the highest quality CSGO Keys, so you don't need to worry about getting stuck with the duds.  If you need a particular key, please feel free to choose from our available Steam inventory.  We'll link you to it on our Live Chat.

Once you add the CSGO Keys to your chat, proceed with the order by filling your Steam Tradelink at checkout.  Then you'll submit the order with CashApp or Zelle selected as payment method, and hop on our Live Chat to arrange payment and delivery.

  1. We provide you our CashApp Tag

  2. You Send Payment, we confirm

  3. We send your CSGO Keys to your Steam Tradelink attached to the order info

How About CSGO Skins?

Same idea as CSGO Keys, except the CSGO Skins are listed individually, unlike CSGO Keys which we list in a stacked format.  Follow the order flow above and we will send your CSGO Skins via trade following your completed payment.

What Other Payments are Accepted? has an extensive list of payment methods, not just CashApp and Zelle.  You can also choose from Credit Card, Debit Card, RS Gold, G2APay, IDEAL, Skrill, Bancontact, Interac Etransfer, cryptocurrency and hundreds of other payment methods.

If you're looking for a specific method you do not see mentioned, please let us know on Live Chat and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We're very flexible and have a wide network of payment partners.

Is R2Pleasent Legit?

You need to be very careful ordering digital items for online games, including CSGO Skins and Keys.  Fortunately, R2Pleasent has a reputation dating back to its inception in 2007.  That's over 13 years ago at the time of this post!  For a list of feedback on our company, check out:

CSGO Cash Rep Thread - Click Here

Trustpilot Page - Click Here

That's it!

Hopefully this article answered the questions you had about using CashApp and Zelle to purchase CSGO Skins and CSGO Keys.  Our Live Chat is online 24/7, so feel free to let us know if you have any questions. 

Until next time, thanks for choosing!

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted a year ago

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