WoW Classic Gold Now Available via CashApp!

Buy WoW Classic Gold with CashApp

Are you looking to buy WoW Classic Gold with CashApp? At, we are excited to announce support for purchasing WoW Classic Gold with the Cash App.  In fact, you can even qualify for a free 5% gold if you sign up to the CashApp using our referral code.

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The CashApp is a peer to peer money transfer service provided by Square. It is unique because it allows you to instantly send payments within the United States for 0 fees. That's right, no fees, and that means you save money on your WoW Vanilla Gold purchase.

How it Works

Our website has integrated CashApp payments into the regular order flow. However, unlike the automated payment systems on our website, you will need to manually complete the payment from your device after you create the order.  This is very simple, and our Live Support will be able to help you in real time with the process.

Basically, there are 5 steps in completing a WoW Gold order via CashApp on

  1. Choose your server, faction, gold amount and submit the order via CashApp payment method

  2. Come to Live Support and we will look up your order.

  3. We provide you our CashApp receiver information

  4. You send the payment

  5. We arrange delivery through Mail / Auction House / Face to Face

It's that simple! The entire process takes only a few minutes.  

Sell WoW Gold via CashApp

Are you looking to sell your WoW Classic Gold? Well, good news, we can also provide you with payment for your hard-earned in-game gold via CashApp. This is absolutely the easiest way to get paid in the US. We look forward to providing this service to you. We are one of the only sites which provides support for payments via CashApp, so take advantage of our versatility.

Don't Delay, Start Shopping!

Head over to our WoW Classic US Gold page to get started. We are looking forward to providing you with the highest quality customer service, and hundreds of different payment methods on


  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted a year ago

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