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Ikov Gold (Billion)

Ikov Gold (Billion)

0 Billion in Stock

1 Billion Gold for Ikov RSPS (40M Shards)

Roat Pkz (1K PKP)

Roat Pkz (1K PKP)

0 1K PKP in Stock

1 Thousand PKP for RSPS Roat Pkz

SoulPlay Gold (Billion)

SoulPlay Gold (Billion)

0 Billion in Stock

1 Billion Gold for SoulPlay RSPS, AKA SP RSPS

SpawnPK Gold (Billion)

SpawnPK Gold (Billion)

150 Billion in Stock

1 Billion Gold (10 Money Bags) for the RSPS SpawnPK

Buy IKOV Gold & RSPS Gold is your go-to website to buy RSPS Gold.  RSPS stands for Runescape Private Server.  These are unique environments which allow players to test out different character build types, expensive items, and high-end game content.  There are many Private Servers available for RS.

You can buy Gold and items for popular RSPS on our website.  We stock the following servers:

  • Ikov RSPS

  • SoulPlay RSPS

  • Roat PKz (Roatz) RSPS

  • SpawnPK (SPK) RSPS

  • RuneWild RSPS

Looking for another server?  Ask us in chat, maybe we can help!

How to Buy IKOV Gold and RSPS Gold

Buying gold on your favorite RSPS is easy, thanks to our industry-leading website design.  Simply add the item(s) you wish to buy to your cart, and proceed to checkout.  We offer a wide variety of payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, CashApp, Zelle, G2APay, Interac eTransfer, OSRS Gold, and RS3 Gold.

If you wish to purchase with RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold, just speak with us on Live Chat.  We'll give you the amount of gold you'd need to swap for the RSPS Gold or items you wish to buy.

After you've completed your purchase, you will be redirected to our Live Support.  They will check your order and give you the location in-game to meet to receive the gold.  Our Live Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and all our agents speak fluent English.

RSPS Gold Units

We offer Ikov Gold in 100M and 1 Billion Units.  We offer Soulplay Gold in 1 Billion Units.  We offer Roat PKz Gold in 1K PKP Units.  We offer SpawnPK Gold in 1 Billion Units.  Finally, we offer RuneWild Gold in Million Units.

Is it Safe to Buy IKOV Gold?

We make it safe to buy gold on IKOV Private Server.  Our trade method avoids detection, while still being very simple.  We have experience selling IKOV RSPS Gold since 2014, so you know you are dealing with the most experienced service available.  Worried about legitimacy?  Rest easy.  R2Pleasent Gold has been in business for over 12 years, helping provide services for popular online games.

SpawnPK Gold

Are you looking to buy SpawnPK Gold?  We use our own trading method to ensure privacy for you in-game.  We have sold trillions of SpawnPK Gold, and look forward to helping provide you with fast delivery & reliable service.

SoulPlay Gold

If you want to buy SoulPlay Gold, you are in the right place.  We have 10+ Billion in stock at all times for SoulPlay (SP) Server!

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